This is my list of key reasons why employing the services of a Wedding Planner is a great idea. It’s in two installments so come back soon to see what the last 6 reasons are ……………

1 The top reason is they save you money! Do I really need to give you another 11???? There are various ways they can do this but a good Planner will always pass on any savings directly to you. The average wedding costs in the region of £20,000 so to save some hard earned cash would be great, right? Even though there is an upfront cost for a Wedding Planner you will inevitably be able to recoup this additional cost with their expert service.

2 Time. A Planner can do a lot of the leg work for you – research, helping you generate ideas, setting up meetings, chasing quotes, confirming plans, co-ordinating suppliers, recommending suppliers or even holding some of the initial meetings with suppliers for you. The average wedding takes over 200 hours to plan and in a climate where brides are planning their own weddings whilst holding down a full-time job (as well as having a life!), chasing emails and taking phone calls is not that easy.

3 A Planner is fully aware of all the costs involved in planning a wedding so they can help you set an effective budget. By having a realistic budget in place you are more likely to stick to it and start your newly married life with no wedding debt!

4 Etiquette. Are the etiquettes of getting married driving you to distraction? A wedding often involves several generations and if the do’s and don’ts of getting hitched are likely to cause offence to anyone a Wedding Planner will help guide you towards a day that even the most prim of Aunt’s will approve of.

5 The Wedding Planner’s experience of such events will ensure that in the event of any disasters they have a contingency plan. No bride wants to think about what might go wrong on their big day and with a Wedding Planner you won’t need to. They will seamlessly work behind the scenes and do their utmost to ensure your day goes exactly to plan (or as close to plan as possible!)

6 A Wedding Planner can negotiate directly with suppliers on your behalf. They will only work in your best interests, to your brief so they can professionally conduct negotiations to ensure you always get the best deal on service and price.

Stay posted for the next 6 reasons to have a Wedding Planner involved in the planning of your special day.