Planning a Luxury Wedding

Looking for some advice on how to plan a luxury wedding in Norfolk? Well you are in the right place! Planning a luxury event means attention to detail and achieving this as a bride on your own is certainly not easy, if at all possible. Therefore recruiting a team of A list suppliers is a necessity. Building your wedding planning dream team involves loads of research but if you are time pushed the most efficient and cost effective method is to recruit a wedding planning specialist. A specialist wedding planner can save you loads of time as our expertise makes this process so much quicker.

How to plan a luxury wedding in Norfolk

Assembling your Wedding Supplier Team

Having spent the last six years planning beautiful weddings in Norfolk and Suffolk my little black book is rammed with trusted, reliable, quality suppliers so I can quickly shortlist and recommend the best suppliers for you to work with to create your dream day. To create a luxury wedding it is vital you have THE BEST suppliers who will 100% deliver what you ask of them. When you are spending so much money on the best day of your life it has to be amazing right? There is no room for mediocre.

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Impeccable Taste and High Standards

My clients have exacting standards and so do I. Supplier recommendations are based on my experience of working with them, their ability to deliver what my clients are asking, how easy and affable they are to work with and obviously the delivery of their service. Being a freelance wedding planner it means that I can absolutely recommend the best fit for my clients, I do not receive any commission so whatever I am recommending is because it is best for my clients.

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Local Wedding Planning Knowledge

The other critical aspect for me is that I can recommend the best LOCAL options. Sourcing locally makes so much more sense for many reasons such as; transport, availability, quality, budget and communication. I often find my clients are planning most of their wedding remotely, whether from London or on the other side of the world so having a trusted, experienced planner locally makes their lives so much easier. It takes away so much of the stress of selecting their A List if suppliers, the planning process is simplified as I am local to their venue so can easily meet with suppliers and smooth out the finer details on their behalf without them sending multiple emails to many different suppliers while they are leading busy lives and holding down high profile careers. By saving them time and precious hours my clients get to enjoy the fun parts of their wedding planning experience. If you are interested in hearing more about how I can help you have the wedding day of your dreams then get in touch via email (  and we can schedule a free discovery call to chat through my services and your ideas.