Marquee wedding management service Norfolk Suffolk

How can I help?

Marquee Weddings have their own set of quirks and with my extensive experience of tipis, traditional marquees and clear-span marquees etc I have hands on knowledge of how to deliver these events, overcome and work with, their unique set of considerations. There are several additional complexities with marquees such as power supply, water supply, ground work, layouts, furniture hire, lighting, sound, electricity, heating, toilet hire, parking, signage, floristry installations, zoning, contingency plans and catering requirements (as examples). I can make sure that nothing gets overlooked to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. I can equally offer suggestions to cost save and ensure you aren’t paying for unnecessary items (with one client I was in a position to save £2,000 on their marquee quote due to unnecessary items and better sourcing).

What is included in this service?

This service includes 3 site visits, 3 general meetings, unlimited phone calls and emails during the duration of this service. Also included in this marquee management service are 3 hours to be used the day before your wedding for me to be on site to double check and assist with setting up and 8 hours on the day (additional hours maybe bolted on if required) where I will coordinate your wedding, working alongside your wedding team to deliver your day to schedule and troubleshoot any unforeseen situations.

The tasks below are fairly typical of the sorts of tasks I might undertake, but additional tasks may be added which are specific to your event.

Inspect the ceremony location and marquee and check that everything is laid out as per your instructions e.g. favours, cake, name cards, flowers & decorations, music, chairs etc.

Make finishing touches to decor and layouts where necessary.

Greet suppliers.

Give guests (where necessary) directions to ensure everything is properly set-up.

Assist with guest flow during the day but please note I am not a Master of Ceremonies.

Cue any key events within your day and monitor timings.

Coordinate each of the vendors, checking timings are all ok and updating them if there is slippage, ensuring they are happy and have everything they need etc.

Assist/coordinate any room layout changes as the wedding transitions from day to evening such as moving small items of furniture, laying out refreshments/snacks, lighting, candles, repositioning decor etc.

On hand to coordinate any thank you gifts you may give on the day.

Obviously there may also be unplanned tasks which occur that need my attention, for example I have been known to have to fix leaks in marquees, reset electrics and unblock portable toilets!

What next?

If you would like more details about how I can help you create an amazing marquee based event please drop me an email