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Have you thought about who is going to make sure your wedding is perfectly set-up in line with your plans while you are sipping champagne and having your hair and make-up done? Who is going to check that the catering team serve your food on time and that your photographer doesn’t miss any vital wedding details you have painstakingly woven into your magical day? Who is going to deal with any unforeseen disasters? What about if you are celebrating at home and want to be able to relax knowing all those details and issues are expertly taken care of? This is where my On the Day Management service is perfect.


If you are planning a wedding at a venue that doesn’t have an onsite Wedding Coordination team (such as a marquee or a dry hire venue) then having someone who can work discretely behind the scenes to ensure your day flows perfectly, that everything happens how you planned it to, and who can take that stress and worry away is priceless!


To make sure your day runs perfectly it comprises of two phases: the first phase is an initial meeting via zoom, as soon as you commission this service, to give you some advice on how to progress with your planning, some top tips to make it as stress-free for you as possible and to answer any questions you have about your wedding ideas. The second phase kicks in four weeks before your wedding to handover all your plans to me and my team. I will check through all your details; contracts, timings, logistics, contact suppliers, confirm with your on the day suppliers, contingency plan and all the other tiny bits to make sure everything will work seamlessly. 


I always say that I need to become a ‘clone’ of you so that everything you know about your wedding day and all the ideas and plans you have in place are ‘downloaded’ to me – it is 100% your day and it is so important to me that I understand all your decisions and priorities. This means I can make sure that everything runs how you intended and if anything does go wrong I am fully armed with your vision to make sure that our plan B is smoothly kicked into action. On your wedding day two members of my team will work behind the scenes, seamlessly integrating into your on the day wedding team, in a role to support all suppliers to work in-line with your pre-planned details. I make sure that they have everything they need and that everything happens when and how it should. I produce a detailed timeline which is shared with all key suppliers and members of the wedding party so everyone is fully aware of how the day will run.

Please contact us for your initial free consultation after which we would be only too pleased to provide you with a bespoke quote. Fees for this service begin at £2300.

This service is only suitable for clients who have booked and planned everything and there may be some wedding day tasks not covered by this service.


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