Contingency Planning for a Wet Marquee Wedding.

Wet Marquee Wedding

Image: Christine Wehrmeier

Usually by this time of the year I am visiting marquee wedding sites for the summer ahead, looking at how the ground is and how the grass is growing so we can plan the maintenance and preparation of the site so it is as good as possible for the marquee. However, with this cold damp weather my site visits now are a little useless! The joys of dealing with British weather. 🌧️ This is also the plus side of what I do as I am lucky that with the way I run my company I have the flexibility to push back these site visits to a time when they will be more beneficial!

When the weather is like this I also find that brides and grooms get a little worried about the ‘what if’s’ with the weather for their big day. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have contingency plans (multiple ones if necessary)! Contingency plans can relate to any aspect of your wedding but for the purposes of this I am just going to talk about the contingency plans relating to WET WEATHER!

Bride and bridesmaid in wellies


OK, this is the most typical concern and to be honest it is only something you need to really worry about when you are planning on being outside for a long period of time so for example, group photos,  reception drinks, or even your ceremony (if you are planning an outside one). Guests moving between locations/to toilets/carparks etc is not such an issue as the most simple and cost effective option for that is to have a stash of umbrellas or ponchos to hand that people can borrow. For prolonged periods of time outside then you need consider contingency plans. You could look at moving the location – so using the inside of your venue or marquee for group shots/ceremony/reception drinks or look at adding a covered space outside such as a gazebo or second marquee. If you are looking to use your inside space in this situation then make sure you have enough space and that if any furniture needs moving to make space your wedding team know to move them and then put them back when they are needed. With a marquee this in itself is not always an easy option as there is unlikely to be any storage for tables/chairs and most likely your catering team and florist will have already laid the tables and prepared them for your wedding breakfast. However, if needs must then put a plan in place and make sure the relevant suppliers know and they have bought into this.

If the weather is wet, there is also the likelihood that your guests will get cold so I would highly recommend having a back up-plan for heating.

I know that wet weather is something every bride and groom dreads but it really doesn’t need to be the case, you are surrounded by friends and family who are all there to enjoy your day and that is exactly what they will do!

Norfolk bride with Umbrella

Image: JMA Photography.

So, my advice in a nutshell:

1. Contingency plan for wet and cold, windy and warm weather. if you need some more advice and suggestions pop across to my Facebook group:

2. Weather watch the month leading up to your big day. The BBC weather app on your phone is great for this but there are other more accurate meteorological apps such as Dark Skies, Weather Radar or Weather Underground which all come highly recommended by other Wedding Planners. If your wedding day is looking at being showery it may be worth looking at simply adjusting your timings slightly to avoid any forecasted downpours.

3. Make sure you get advice on your contingency plan from your marquee company, catering team, photographer, videographer and any other suppliers (eg Celebrants, Wedding Planners, Master of Ceremonies) who will be involved in the actual running of your day and effectively communicate your back-up plans when you have them confirmed.

4. Get creative if the weather isn’t looking to be on your side and try to relax and enjoy your day regardless!
Bride Entrance with Father
Image: Megan Duffield