Could your big day be small?

Micro weddings are nothing new but the recent restrictions have forced many couples to rethink their plans. This recent sea change has been nothing if not dramatic and more than a little stressful and costly for all involved. Thousands of weddings have been cancelled or postponed at great expense.

Some couples are opting to wait until they can host their dream wedding while others are forging ahead with more cosy affairs, between lockdowns, with micro weddings being held locally are their only option. At the time of writing weddings in England can only take place in extreme circumstances, but the government’s recent roadmap shows a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel (see below).

The good news? Micro weddings are no longer considered a less desirable alternative to more traditional nuptials. Instead, they offer couples a safe, yet luxurious, much-needed celebration in troubled times. And beyond the pandemic? Smaller weddings will still appeal to couples who desire low-key over high stress.

Small, intimate weddings are incredibly romantic and generally much easier to organise and manage. More focus is placed on the day itself and not on the mountain of work that precedes it, resulting in a relaxed and happy wedding party. With fewer people in attendance you’ll have more opportunity to soak up the magic and make lifelong memories with your nearest and dearest.

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Before we move on to how you can plan your micro wedding, let’s review the government’s recently released wedding rules.

Wedding Rules in England (as at 22nd February 2021)

  • From 29 March onwards, up to six people can attend a wedding in any circumstances. That limit includes the couple.
  • From 12 April, up to 15 people can attend a wedding ceremony and reception, with the potential to rise to 30 from 17 May.
  • From 21 June, the government aims to remove all limits on social contact, including lifting all wedding restrictions.

Bear in mind that this gradual easing of restrictions is dependent on forthcoming data.


Planning your Perfect Micro Wedding in Norfolk

If you can’t wait to tie the knot then a 15-guest micro wedding can be just as special as a 150-guest shindig. Whether you plan it yourself or engage the services of a wedding planner, your big day will be no less memorable for having fewer guests.

Remember, an intimate affair can be spectacular too! Let your imagination run wild and plan a party that WOWs.


4 tips to make your micro wedding an affair to remember.

1. With wi-fi you can invite everyone!

You might not be able to invite all of your friends and family but there’s no reason why they can’t share in your happiness virtually! An online service will allow everyone to get swept up in the romance. And to help them get in the mood from their sofa, why not have some delicious food and bubbly delivered to their homes so they can toast the happy couple?


2. You can still have the wedding of your dreams

The flexibility of a micro wedding shouldn’t be underestimated. Hosting fewer guests will drastically cut your overall spend giving you a bigger budget to splurge on otherwise unplanned luxuries like a designer dress or a stunning, themed decor with gourmet food.


3. Make it personal and get crafty

 Not having a huge guest list can make it much easier for you to get stuck into the fun, creative side of weddings. Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started:

  • Create stunning invitations and place settings in a couple of days! This is where you get to indulge your creative side without the pressures of time and budget. You’ll know each and every guest inside out so why not use this inside information to make gorgeous, personalised wedding favours?
  • Rope in your other half or a gifted pal to help you design your venue decor and floral arrangements. Why not incorporate photos of family and friends who can’t make your big day?


4. Keep it local

Downsizing your wedding might just open doors for smaller, more local Norfolk venues and providers who can only cater for limited groups. Giving your local economy a boost when it really needs it can only add to the feelgood factor! This is where a wedding planner can be a real asset, as they’ll know the very best places to consider.


Or, after your big/small day you might want to throw a party for a wider group of family and friends, and where better than in your favourite country pub or local hotel? Obviously, it should go without saying that all of your plans will be subject to restrictions.

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Hopefully this quick read has offered some food for thought. Who’d have thought that a micro wedding could be so magical?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like me to help you plan the intimate Norfolk wedding of your dreams, I have a specific service for Micro weddings, click here for more information.