Shopping for the perfect wedding dress can be a daunting task and can cause stress for you and your entourage. The whole process can become overwhelming very quickly, so here are several things you can do to feel more confident about shopping for the perfect wedding dress without getting stressed! This article has been written by Creative Director Laura Bartrum from leading Norwich Wedding Dress Shop Boutique Of Dreams.

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress without getting stressed

1: Research

2: Pick Your Team

3: Set A Budget

4: Find the Right Boutique

5: Work With Your Consultant

6: Trust Your Instinct

7: Have Fun!

Lets explore each of these in more detail, so that you can get ahead when it comes to shopping for the perfect wedding dress without getting stressed…

1: Research

Spend some time looking at different wedding dress styles and designers to get an idea of what you like and what you don’t like. You can browse bridal magazines and inspiration websites – and a lot of brides create a Pinterest board so that you can create a wish list of features and styles you would like to try when you actually go shopping.

Doing research is a fun way to get a feel for the overall aesthetic you want to create with your wedding day and your wedding style which you can share with all of your chosen wedding vendors so that everyone is in alignment.

2: Pick Your Team

Choosing the right people to help you shop for your wedding dress is one of the most important considerations you’ll have for having a stress free dress shopping experience. If you have too many people with you then you may become overwhelmed with opinions, or even worse may not feel like the centre of your bridal appointment. At Boutique Of Dreams we recommend having a maximum of 4 guests to help you with selecting your perfect wedding dress. We want you to be the centre of the experience and have enough time to work with your consultant to get clear on your wants and needs. Your team should be there to support you, not get you stressed with strong opinions or wanting some of the attention.

3: Set a budget

Knowing how much you want to spend on your wedding dress helps you to focus on the appropriate options and avoid trying on dresses that are outside of your price range. It will help you to feel more confident and in control of the process. There is nothing worse than seeing the expression of a bride that has tried on a dress that is out of budget that has fallen in love – so if you want to go shopping for the perfect wedding without getting stressed, then set a budget before you start your journey.

4: Find The Right Boutique

To minimise stress when bridal shopping you want to find the right boutique so that you don’t have a wasted journey. Gone are the days we had time to trawl around trying on dresses across the country – that process itself can be stressful! Explore the websites of the wedding dress shops that stock the designers you are interested in from your research, or that give you the particular experience you are looking for. At Boutique Of Dreams we offer exclusive use of our bridal suite, giving you sole use of our showroom to explore the designers and styles. With plenty of parking and refreshments (both fizzy and not!) our boutique welcomes brides from across the UK as well as our lovely local Norwich brides, as our unique experience appeals to brides who want a stress free experience. Stocking leading designers including Eva Lendel, Melrose Bridal, Jessica Couture and Miss Chloe we have a range of timeless, elegant gowns that are fashion forward without sacrificing on quality or comfort. When researching the right boutique that you want to visit, make sure you get the right vibe for you as a bride rather than the first one you see.

Boutique of dreams

5: Work With Your Consultant

Your bridal consultant can make your wedding dress shopping experience much less stressful if you are open with them. A good styling consultant will want to understand your hopes and fears as much as the shape and fabric you want from your dress. They have the experience of what works with differing body types and other considerations. Some brides get stressed bridal shopping because they are scared of talking openly to the assistant that is working with them. A good idea is to check the Google Reviews of the shop you are intending to visit to see what sort of feedback the stylists get. This will let you know if the assistants are going to have the same vibe as you – and “get you” so you minimise the chances of feeling stress or overwhelm.

6: Trust Your Instinct

Every bridal shop will tell you to be open-minded; to try on different styles and silhouettes, even if you think they may not be for you. You may be surprised at what looks good on you and what you end up liking. This is all well and good, but it can be stressful and overwhelming if you feel under pressure. The best advice we can give is to trust your instinct and go with what your heart tells you. Only you will know when you have found “the one.”

Wedding dress shopping

7: Have Fun

This is a such special time in your life, so enjoy the process! Take pictures (if the boutique allows), celebrate each dress you try on, and remember that finding the perfect wedding dress is all about finding the one that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and ready to walk down the aisle.

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Much love, Laura xx

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