I love planning weddings (obviously) but I also love getting involved in making weddings as pretty as possible. I have recently finished work for a lovely client on how she can style her big day. I thought it would be useful to explain how I helped her.

The first step is getting a brief together. For this particular client it involved a face to face meeting at her venue so that we could see the scale of the space in the flesh. This venue has the use of their chairs and tables included in their hire fee so it was also important to see these and understand what we had to work with. I always say to my brides that when you are developing the style for your day you need to pay attention to the things in the venue you can’t change and work around them. For example, if a venue has a bright red carpet, having a pink based colour scheme will draw attention to this so try and be sympathetic to the surroundings and work with things you can’t change rather than against them.

Styling also involves a lot of listening. It is all very well skimming through bridal magazines or having multitudes of pinterest boards but you need to incorporate these ideas into tangible, practical, affordable concepts. The bridal industry is full of inspiration and style ideas but be warned a lot of the prettiness also comes with a hefty price tag, unachievable for many. Also, lots of the glossy images are produced at styled photoshoots, not real life weddings. Listening to what my client liked and disliked and what her ideas were then allowed me to produce a style brief that would work for her in her venue.

A lot of the ideas for this particular client were also budget friendly as I was able to give her some tips on how to save costs on her decor and ways of DIY’ing it to get the overall look she wanted but at a fraction of the cost.

It was great fun developing her uniquely styled day and I can’t wait to see the pictures of all our ideas in action!

If you would like some styling advice we offer a flexible service tailored to your requirements. Email us to find out more.

Image credit  JMA Photography.