COVID Lockdown Wedding Planning!

Has this lockdown effected your wedding planing mojo? I can imagine that it all feels a bit distant for the moment. How can you regain your planning mojo and get back into the swing of it? I know it is massively disappointing to not be able to move forwards and get excited about your plans but I have a few tricks and tips to help you. There is still plenty you can do while you are locked down at home to plan your wedding. Have you read my blog on the 8 things you need to do first in your wedding planning? If not have a read here to help you start your wedding planning the right way.

wedding planning in cover lockdown

Picking your Wedding Venue

So the traditional way of finding your wedding venue is not exactly possible at the moment. If you haven’t picked your venue yet then I am sure it’s worrying you! I know that this is such an important step in the planning so you may feel that this is really holding you up. There is no reason not to start your venue searching. As well as the blog above I would also recommend this one about picking your wedding venue. So, assuming you have done that then start shortlisting your venue choices. Websites are a great place to start and really go through them with a fine toothed comb.

Check out all the venue’s social media, from Facebook, to Instagram and even Pinterest. Look at the suppliers who’s work gets tagged into the posts and images, see if you then like the look of them, what they do, what they stand for. Again, by looking through social media you will see more into the psyche of the venue and the other suppliers. This will give you a better idea of  if they are likely to be a good match for you and your wedding day vision. There are loads of great resources for venue searching such as Hitched or Coco Wedding Venues. Another option (if you have you area narrowed down) is to use a local wedding planner who offers a venue Search service. They will have first-hand knowledge of all the venues in the area so they can give you a really valuable insight into holding your wedding there. They will also offer you some fresh ideas you may not have come across.

Looking at the images that photographers have taken of other weddings at your chosen venues will give you a better idea as well of how weddings run at the venue, the space, layout etc. These are all important things to note down.

Get in touch with your shortlisted venues and check availability first of all. Get a copy of their terms and check there are no nasties in there. Some venues are offering virtual tours or may already have videos on their websites to give you a better idea of their scale and layout. If a venue is particularly lovely they may even do you a virtual show round with you live on the phone so you can ask direct questions as you go round.

I know some venues are offering a deal at the moment where you pay your deposit for your wedding date and then once lockdown is over, you can visit the venue in the flesh. If, at that point, you aren’t happy with the venue they are offering a full refund, so don’t be afraid to explore different options. Venues will be getting creative with ways to help their couples at this time.

Get Ahead with your Wedding Planning Tasks

If you can use your time stuck at home to get ahead with your planning then I would highly recommend it. Think about things like drawing up a table plan from your guest list. I know you won’t have your RSVP’s collated yet but starting to think about how you want to sit your guests could really save you a major job in the future. What about any other jobs which you can do now? Here are some which frequently cause stress, panic and get left to the last minute:

  1. Writing placecards
  2. Choosing any hymns (if you are having any)
  3. Picking you ceremony readings
  4. Plan and write your speeches (if you are having any)
  5. Pick you first dance
  6. Create a playlist for your day/evening – your DJ is bound to ask you if you have any requests
  7. Practice your first dance


Choosing your Wedding Suppliers

You would be amazed at just how resourceful us wedding suppliers can be! There are so many ways that you can keep in contact with your suppliers. You are also in a great place to do masses of research to build your wedding team. Make sure you approach your research in a methodical way. 100% have your budget broken down into each supplier/category, you will find this a lot easier.

Really dive deep into what you are actually looking for in your suppliers. I don’t just mean the pretty stuff! Look at their company ethics, their testimonials, the venues they work at, the suppliers they work with. Suppliers will happily take questions via Instagram/ Facebook or email so take the opportunity and chat. Book discovery calls or no-obligation consultations, either over the phone or via a Skype or zoom call. This will give you the chance to really get to know your suppliers before you book them.

Working with your Wedding Suppliers

See what your suppliers can do to help you virtually. For example, I know cake makers are posting our sample boxes for taste testing and bands are sending soundcloud links of previous gigs to help clients decide. Sending photos of previous work, drawing sketches, creating mock-ups, creating detailed Pinterest boards etc are all really great ways of effectively communicating at this time.

Don’t feel pressured at the moment to book suppliers. I know there is lots of chat about securing your bookings as so many 2020 weddings have been postponed into 2021 but believe me, if you rush into it you are likely to make a wrong decision.

DIY your wedding.

Coming from a wedding planner this may not be what you are expecting to hear! If you are a couple who find yourselves no longer able to go out and socialise, or get to the gym, travel etc then make the most of this extra time you now have. It may be that DIY’ing your wedding is something you always wanted to do but never had the time for, or you now feel that saving some money would be a great idea! Here are some examples of ways you can Do-It-Yourself your wedding planning in lockdown:

  1. Learn how to make your own stationery or invitations
  2. Learn how to make you own decor, from paper pom pots through to a-frame blackboard signs there are so many options!
  3. Take an online course in creating flowers. Making your own buttonholes or bouquets could be a great way to save money.
  4. Learn Calligraphy or Chalkwriting for your stationery or decor.
  5. Learn how to do your own hair and make-up

You could even get your hens and mums involved so they learn remotely with you. I know some florists are offering online tutorials, as are some bakers so you can learn from a pro and get the practice in before your big day.

There are loads of places to go to find the information you need, like Pinterest, You tube, supplier website, online learning portals and wedding blogs or buy a book on the subject.

Some other DIY elements you could get on board with now to get extra prepared are:

  1. Skincare tutorials and blogs
  2. Online haircare advice and blogs
  3. Virtual fitness and wellbeing regimes

I hope these ideas helps you a little with some inspiration to kick-start your planning mojo and to make you see that wedding planning in lockdown IS possible. I would love to know how you get on and as always I am right at the end of an email or DM.

Happy Planning!