Inspiration Sessions

Have you just got engaged and finding planning your wedding a bit daunting or perhaps you have done some of the planning yourself but you have hit a brick wall and need some expert help to work out your problem? I offer a question and answer session full of tips and tricks to get you started with doing the planning all yourself or producing a plan of action to overcome whatever planning problem it is you are experiencing.

This is a taster of some of the areas covered with this service: develop a checklist to help you select your venue, budget setting advice and clever ways of making it stretch further, support to draw up your own timeline so you don’t miss any important deadlines and advice on the legalities and etiquette involved. Priced from £250 per session.

If you feel you would like more advice following this service you could bolt on some extra ‘pay as you go’ planning hours or our Wedding Day Management service. The Wedding Day Management service is perfect for couples who have enjoyed the planning process but want a professional to fine tune the final details and logistics, be there on the day to ensure everything runs in accordance with your plans and to work behind the scenes to prevent and remedy any issues which may arise during your special day, all allowing you to relax and enjoy every single minute of your wedding day with confidence that a professional has it all in hand.

If you would like to know more about our services please contact us to arrange an initial free consultation.

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