Earlier this week a report was published by www.money.co.uk stating that by 2028 the average cost of a wedding in the UK would be £32,000. It is quite an interesting statistic from the point of view that the average spend is currently £27,161, which in itself was an increase of over £2,000 since 2016. The biggest expenses for a wedding according to Hitched are:

  1. Venue Hire,
  2. Honeymoon,
  3. Catering,
  4. Engagement ring and
  5. Drink.

This increase is going to scare quite a few potential brides I am sure but it doesn’t mean you have to spend this amount on your wedding, each wedding is completely different and it is so important you begin your newly married life not saddled with debt!

My top piece of advice is to budget! Firstly, set a budget to begin with, before you have done anything. Mutually agree a figure that you and your fiancé are comfortable spending, and that you can physically afford/save. Do some research and get a gauge of what things actually cost. Employing a freelance wedding planner can really help with this, we have in-depth knowledge of the local wedding market so we know what prices are reasonable and where budget cuts can be made. Also, discuss with your parents before you begin the wedding planning journey if there is any contributions they would like to make and either get a fixed amount or ask them to commit to funding a specific element of the wedding. It is also worth bearing in mind that by using a Wedding Planner accredited by the UKAWP, you know we don’t accept any commissions which means you are receiving completely unbiased advice and any cost savings are passed directly onto you.

Once you have your budget be savvy about spending. Set your priorities and don’t spend excessively on areas that are inconsequential. Also, think about areas that will have a positive impact on the memories of your day and I am certain there will be some items you realise that you can in fact save budget on.

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