Inspiration for your Spring Wedding in Norfolk

Is there anything prettier than a Spring wedding in Norfolk?

Right now, we’re eagerly awaiting warmer weather (fingers crossed!), introducing splashes of colour to our homes and wardrobes, ditching the heavy coats and looking forward to some well-deserved outdoor entertainment.

If you’re thinking of a Spring wedding, then you’re on the right track. Why?

Other than the obvious reasons, which we’ll explore further, Summer is generally heaving with invites which can be tiring and expensive, plus the weather can be a little humid. This year especially, summer is going to be absolutely, insanely hectic! There’s a huge backlog of postponed celebrations so the season might see you hit with a deluge of invitations to parties, BBQs and weddings. Which is lovely, of course, but there’s such a thing as party fatigue.

Spring, on the other hand, is a slightly calmer, more laidback time of year to get hitched. Everyone’s in a good mood, ready to party after months huddled up indoors wearing multiple layers. And there’s something about Spring that makes us feel a little more playful, right? Spring is the season of rebirth, reinvention and renewal. You can nearly feel the warm sun on your arms! And the blooms can’t fail to put you in a good mood. Envisage those gorgeous pastel and jewel hues, and think about how you can incorporate them into your wedding.

The weather in England is very unpredictable; you’re as much at risk of a wash-out in August as you are in April, so what have you got to lose by opting for a Spring shindig? Indeed, over the last few years Spring has turned out to be much warmer and drier than Summer. British weather keeps us on our toes!

Planning a Norfolk Spring wedding will give you more time to put together a seasonal vision board; using this Spring as inspiration, obviously!

Your Spring Wedding Moodboard

Let’s talk about your Spring wedding.

To make things simpler we’ll split our moodboard into easy to navigate sections. There are oodles of great Spring wedding ideas out there and I’ve curated the best of them just for you.

Spring Wedding Palette

Let’s start with arguably the most important aspect of your upcoming nuptials: the colour scheme.

At first glance, florals might seem a little obvious and overplayed but believe me when I tell you, they’re popular because they work! Delicate florals will perfectly complement the gorgeous Spring backdrop of tulips, cherry blossom, daisies, crocuses, hydrangea and hyacinth.

Top Tip #1: sticking to seasonal spring flowers can massively help your flower budget go further AND it’s more environmentally friendly, with less airmiles!

Floral wedding dresses are incredibly feminine, are growing in popularity and as such are the perfect ‘Spring’-board for your wedding colour palette. Alternatively, why not opt for a simple white or cream silk dress and style with a Spring-inspired bouquet brimming with beautiful pastel shades?

Floral Wedding dress

Dress by Sassi Holford, available at The Bottom Drawer Bridal


Blush pink is a stunningly subtle yet striking shade that suits a wide range of skin tones. It’s also very ‘of the moment’, so you’ll have no trouble finding beautiful blush pink pieces for decor and bridesmaids dresses.

Top tip #2: take cues from your venue as well, if there is one dominant colour, don’t fight it, pick a spring colour that complements or blends with it.

Spring bouquet on antique chair

Image by Amy O’Boyle


Similarly, Periwinkle Blue is a current Pinterest favourite and rightly so. It’s a gorgeous pale indigo shade that just shouts Spring. Add a touch of dreamy peach and you’ll be completely on-trend!

Another winning combo, directly inspired by Spring is lilac/lavender and white. Think wisteria, lavender wedding cake and parma violet cocktails. What’s not to love?

Finally, mint and coral is a classic duo that’s guaranteed to wow! Pale green and mint look wonderful on most skin tones and can be dressed up with contrasting coral flowers. Exquisite.

Top tip #3: get creative with how you incorporate your colours into your day. Having everything matching can be a bit OTT but subtle hints peppered through your day will make it feel cohesive and professional.

Spring wedding stationery by Silk and Ink Norfolk

Stationery by Silk & Ink.


Cake flavours

This is the time of year to move away from heavier, richer chocolate-based cakes and embrace lighter sponges in luscious lemon, vanilla and raspberry. Yum! These lovely, pastel shades will complement your Spring floral arrangements beautifully.

Edible icing flowers are making a comeback and will look and taste wonderful. A skilled cake maker can transform your cake into a blooming gorgeous creation designed to highlight your wedding palette and bring a taste of Spring to your nuptials. Alternatively, bring the outside in by decorating your cake with hand-painted flowers.

Top Tip #4: Reuse your wedding bouquet and your bridesmaids’ bouquets to dress your wedding cake table to save buying extra flowers.

Single tier wedding cake with icing flowers

Spring inspired wedding cake by Beth Haxby.

Seasonal food and drink influences

 Spring is the season of fresh ingredients, ready to be savoured by lucky guests.

By making the most of local produce you can save money and the planet! Your options can go way beyond the traditional 3-course meal, allowing you to play with grazing stations, picnics and afternoon tea.

The ultimate Spring menu bursts with delicate, lighter flavours so consider incorporating seasonal fruits, berries and vegetables like pea, mint, jersey royal potatoes and rhubarb into tasty salads and desserts. Spring lamb is an obvious addition and never fails to please as would asparagus risotto and aubergine with feta for vegetarian/vegan guests.

Top Tip #5: If your wedding is in an area popular with tourist (just like Norfolk) then check out some local specialities and incorporate them into your menu – your guests will love having a slice of localness!

Think light and adventurous: after all, Spring is the season of invention and new beginnings.

Spring bridal flowers

Image by Karen Fuller Photography



Please get in touch if you’d like help making your Spring wedding a fresh, floral affair to remember!