Spring bridesmaids

Spring is always such a hopeful time of year and for that reason I love spring weddings! Having had the christmas festivities and the long cold winter, spring is a time to look forward, enjoy the slightly warmer weather and lighter evenings. Planning a wedding in the spring is a bit different to planning a summer wedding so here are a few pointers to help you plan a spring wedding that is as beautiful as you imagined.

Spring vs Summer ….

The one key difference with planning a spring wedding versus a summer wedding is the weather! There is way more unpredictability, not only in the precipitation (you could be talking snow here too!) but also in the temperatures. Being a fan of spring weddings I actually think this is actually something which is easier to manage than in the summer, as in the summer you are expecting fabulous weather and you would almost be disappointed if the weather were slightly inclement but in the spring good weather is simply the cherry on the cake! So how do you plan for these unknowns? The key with spring is the plan for the worst. By all means have your contingency plans but for spring your contingency plans should not be about what if it rains, it should be what if it is really sunny and warm and, dar I say it, what if it snows!


if you are planning a church wedding and your date happens to fall in Lent then be mindful that churches would usually prohibit any flowers in the church at this time. Seasonality this time of the year is also really important I think. There are some beautiful seasonal foods available in the spring,  think succulent lamb, rhubarb, seafood, early green vegetables Рyum! From a flower point of view the classic spring flowers are tulips, anemones, ranunculus, daffodils and blossom of all descriptions. These images from a spring shoot last year with the lovely Constance Rose and Karen Fuller show how bright and colourful you can make your wedding with spring flowers.

Wedding Clothing in the Spring

In terms of clothing it is important to consider springtime weather and be mindful that weather can be sunny but chilly, windy and showery. The fabrics of your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses would be more suitable in a heavier weight rather than a fine crepe or chiffon. You may decide that if you want to have time outside if the weather is good that a full length skirt, long train and veil are too susceptible to being trashed with mud and dirty so opt for a shorter length of wedding gown or one without a long train and a shorter veil. Layering is also a great way of keeping your wedding day look elegant yet practical in the spring. Don’t freeze to death, think about having a cape/jacket or fur stole to pop over your shoulders and provide a little extra warmth. These are all stylish options that your wedding dress boutique will be able to advise you on, they also give you the added bonus of really creating a personal look. Footwear is also important, what about having brightly coloured wellies for some fun and practicality!?

Bridal wellies

If you are considering a spring wedding and would like a little professional help to ensure you have considered everything you need to then please do get in touch info@emilyandrewevents.co.uk

Image credits Fuller Photography, Constance Rose.