If you are a design-conscious bride then you are definitely going to want to base your wedding planning on some of the upcoming wedding trends. So, to make life simple for you I have pulled together my Top Six 2020 Wedding Planning Trends for couples wedding planning next year. The biggest message though is PERSONALISATION! With so many options now and less restrictions than ever before on saying ‘I do’, you can create a day that is exactly how you want it to be.

2020 wedding trends

1. Wedding Ceremonies

It begins with their choice of ceremony, Celebrant led ceremonies are growing in popularity as couples become more confident in making this decision to have a more personal and bespoke ceremony. There are even more options available to couples now, whether they would like a hand-fasting, a sand ceremony, a warming of their rings ceremony or jumping the broom for example. Celebrant led ceremonies can be performed anywhere as you are not bound by performing the ceremony in a licensed venue (obviously this means your marriage isn’t actually legal though), giving brides and grooms the opportunity to say their ‘vows’ wherever they wish, whether it is at home in their garden, on a beach, on a boat, many more options are available.

The other benefit with celebrant weddings is that you can create the ceremony exactly how you want it and have it at a time you wish to (some religious and licensed venues will be restricted on the time of day you can have your wedding). If you want to have signing you can, different readings or have friends and family involved then you can do, the choice is absolutely yours.

hand fasting wedding ceremony

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2. Food

Food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding and in 2020, this wedding planning trend will see the growth of bespoke wedding menus. This means that picking venues that allow you to either have flexibility with their in-house catering or the option to bring in outside caterers, will become an even more important part of the decision-making process when couples select their wedding venue. Using food to express your personalities it also going to be big, modelling a menu on your favourite restaurant or style of cuisine will be key. Organic, locally sourced and seasonal produce will be prevalent in couples’ menu selection, and the trend for sharing dishes and feasting style will continue into 2020.

wedding sharing feast

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3. Sustainability

As there is a worldwide increase in the awareness of sustainability, this is going to be on of the biggest  2020 Wedding Planning Trends, with this aspect playing an even more integral part of brides and grooms’ decision making process. This will filter into every element of a wedding. Beginning with the reduction of paper and opting instead to use wedding websites and e-post options for their invites. Picking suppliers that have the same ethos and values in regards to this as them, and the suppliers actively demonstrating this in all aspects of their own business will be important.

Having plastic-free weddings and zero waste weddings will be important. Picking menus which are entirely vegan and using local suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint will be big trends going forwards, and not just for 2020 – this will become a common part of wedding planning. Cutting back on unnecessary expenses to alleviate waste and excesses will also be important for couples who follow this trend, think eco-friendly favours or charitable contributions instead. Deliberately selecting recycled or recyclable options, organic and sustainable solutions within their wedding design will become commonplace. Floristry will see a big change in the demands from couples as they seek florists who will use sustainable methods, who source local blooms or even grow their own flowers.

eco-friendly wedding

4. Wedding Design

As personalisation becomes super important, there will be a decline in traditional wedding colours and a growth in a personalised, more organic wedding style. With Instagram and Pinterest still being the biggest sources of wedding inspiration for couples, they will continue to aspire to have a pinterest and instagram-worthy day but one that also reflects them, not a cookie cutter style. Tapping into each couple’s uniqueness is what will truly make this trend a success. For couples with budget there will be no scrimping in this area and detail will be king, whether this is in the texture and shade of their linens or their selection of lighting.

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5. Victoriana

This 2020 trend is going to be dominant in wedding dress design, and will filter into wedding design for 2021. Think high necks, ruffles, long, flowing skirts, lace and long sleeves, there will be a slight hint of boho chic to prevent this look being too era specific. With heritage being important to modern couples there is likely to be nods to this through their selection of engagement ring (recycled or antique), venues with history and decor incorporating pearl and lace and props that allude to bygone times. To add a contemporary air to this style chunky headbands will be a key trend.

Victoriana wedding style

Image Pinterest.

Image Pinterest

6.The Wedding Party

There are two key 2020 wedding planning trends for the wedding party next year, the first is a more relaxed style for bridesmaids, whether it’s mismatched dresses, different shades or different styles there will be less formality and uniformity to the bride’s best ladies. Secondly, the combination of male and female bridesmaids and groomsmen. We have already seen the growth of ‘Hag-do’s’ where the stags and hens have a joint party and this will move into the bridal party, seeing mixed gender bridesmaids and groomsmen. Basically, whoever the bride and groom wish to stand beside them at the top of the aisle becomes completely their choice.


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