So, this is the second installment of the Top 12 Reasons Why You Should Employ a Wedding Planner.

7. Being part of the Wedding Industry a Wedding Planner understands the right questions to ask potential suppliers to make sure that no detail is forgotten. They are experts in their field so they also know what the technical terms involved are with all the different services you might need for your big day to save you getting confused with the jargon or worst still, making a mistake with what you require or the quotations.

8. The creative input you can get from a Wedding Planner will add that extra special touch to your day. It will make your day more personal to you and more memorable for your guests. Combining their knowledge of key wedding trends with their couple’s personality ensures that innovative and creative ideas are presented to you that you may well have never thought of. What also makes the skills of a Wedding Planner unique is that they don’t just get all fluffy with blue sky thinking, they also know where to source the services to make their ideas reality.

9. A Wedding Planner’s knowledge of the local wedding industry is second to none. Unlike an online directory a good Wedding Planner will personally know each supplier they recommend (from a professional point of view). This enables them to make sure that the companies they are recommending to you are competent, able to deliver the service you want, offer a competitive price and are generally nice people to deal with. Nobody wants to spend their money with a company that doesn’t offer you the best customer service – service with a smile goes a VERY long way! After all, it is their reputation on the line as well so they have to make sure that they are only recommending the best that your budget will allow.

10. Having a vast array of suppliers at their finger tips allows a Wedding Planner to provide you with the best option for your budget. Their ability to cost save will ensure your wedding comes in on budget. With their experience and creativity a Wedding Planner can present you with numerous cunning ideas to save you money without you having to compromise on your vision for your special day.

11. Not everyone is a born planner … Wedding Planners are! If planning your big day is bringing you out in a cold sweat then approach a professional. Wedding Planners LOVE planning! As well as it being an inherent skill, it is a passion. It does take practice dealing with so many different elements for an Event and it is not something easily tackled by an amateur. I won’t scare you with all the things that could go wrong but just answer this question.. how much of a catastrophe would it be if the bar at your wedding ran dry by 8pm or your DJ arrived an hour late?

12. Finally, it is soooo important to remember that you should be a guest at your own wedding. You need to enjoy your special day (that will have cost you a substantial amount of money), spend time with your friends and family, leisurely sip your champagne and have time to sample all the canapes (something I failed to do on my own wedding day). As the bride and groom you do not want to be dashing about checking everything is on schedule or worrying about the above mentioned band being late! Having said that, this is equally not something any member of your Wedding party should be doing either (it is also highly possible your Groom’s Best-man will be getting his fill of dutch courage for his speech so may not have a clear enough thinking head for such issues). A Wedding Planner can discretely work behind the scenes to avert a crisis and keep everything running to schedule. I have heard professional wedding suppliers even comment that they far prefer working at a wedding where there is an independent Wedding Planner involved because they know that everything will run to time and seamlessly (especially important for your photographer and caterer). Having a professional to co-ordinate your special day will be a worthwhile investment.